S.N. Title Channel Downloads Publish Date
461 OO No. 30/2019/SIII Transfer Order in r/o Prog. Officers ddnational Download (596.74 KB) pdf 28/02/2019
462 Recovery of outstanding amount towards irregular payment of Scheduled/Tribal Area Allowance-reg ddnational Download (2.78 MB) pdf 22/02/2019
463 OO No. 26/2019/SIII Declaration Sh. Ram Mohan Singh, PEX (in-situ) as Head Of Programme , DDK, Mau ddnational Download (533.19 KB) pdf 20/02/2019
464 Creation of NIC/Government Email of every employee of DD - reg ddnational Download (531.57 KB) pdf 18/02/2019
465 OO No. 25/2019/SIII Stand relieved order in r/o Ms. Thounaojam Chanu Rosila, TREX, CPC, Delhi to DDK, Imphal ddnational Download (434.85 KB) pdf 15/02/2019
466 OO No. 22/2019/SIII Transfer Order in r/o Sh. Kuldeep Choudhary, TREX, DDK, Ahmedabad & OO No. 23/2019/SIII Taken of Strength & Work allocation of DG:DD in r/o Sh. Anupam Yadav, PEX (In-situ) ddnational Download (919.85 KB) pdf 13/02/2019
467 Requirement of additional fund under sub-head "Security Management' for pending liability-reg ddnational Download (33.27 KB) pdf 12/02/2019
468 Projection of monthly ROC in the Expenditure Monitoring Software (EMS)-reg ddnational Download (46.29 KB) pdf 08/02/2019
469 Database of DDOs of Doordarshan's Kendra/Units ddnational Download (1.19 MB) pdf 08/02/2019
470 Allocation of additional budget under the sub-head Other Charges under Revenue Non-Plan for the year 2018-19-reg ddnational Download (48.16 KB) pdf 05/02/2019
471 OO No. 17/2019/SIII Stand relieved order in r/o Sh. Sanjay Dutt Mathur, PEX (In-situ), NREP (DG:DD) to DDK, Jaipur & Sh. Shrikant Saxena, PEX, DG:DD to DDK, Delhi ddnational Download (562.12 KB) pdf 05/02/2019
472 Office Order No. 04/2019 regarding transfer of Smt. Manisha Srivastava, Graphic Artist ddnational Download (686.29 KB) pdf 01/02/2019
473 OO No. 16/2019/SIII Retirement order in r/o Sh. Akhilesh Kumar Mishra, PEX, DG:DD ddnational Download (394.75 KB) pdf 01/02/2019
474 Recognition/ RE-verification of Association ddnational Download (3.21 MB) pdf 01/02/2019
475 Establishment of Creche- regarding ddnational Download (5.1 MB) pdf 31/01/2019
476 Commissioning of Programmes for DD-Arunprabha List of proposals selected by Evaluation Committee(s). doordarshan Download (663.71 KB) pdf 31/01/2019
477 OO No.- 15/2019/SIII Stand relieved order in r/o Sh. Ratikesh, PEX (In-situ), DD Kisan, CPC, Delhi w.e.f. 31.01.2019 ddnational Download (491.08 KB) pdf 31/01/2019
478 Successful completion of probation period of Direct Recruit Programme Executives (PEXs)- reg ddnational Download (1.29 MB) pdf 30/01/2019
479 OO No. 12/2019/SIII Declaration Sh. Mohd. Ali, AE as Head of Office, DDK, Leh doordarshan Download (541.58 KB) pdf 29/01/2019
480 OO No. 07/2019/SIII Transfer order in r/o Programme Officers (PEX/ PEX (In-situ)/ TREX) doordarshan Download (2.18 MB) pdf 29/01/2019