S.N. Title Channel Downloads Publish Date
41 Allocation of budget under "OAE" and "Programme Expenses" and release of cash to RNUs, DD ddnational Download (206.51 KB) pdf 07/06/2019
42 Recovery of Outstanding amount towards irregular payment of Schedule/Tribal Area Allowance ddnational Download (2.23 MB) pdf 07/06/2019
43 Office Order 80/SIII/2019. Sh. Deepak Ashish Kaul ddnational Download (119.77 KB) pdf 06/06/2019
44 Celebration of World Environment Day on 05th June, 2019-Plantation of saplings of trees ddnational Download (2.46 MB) pdf 04/06/2019
45 Compassionate Appointments in Group 'C' (LDC) and Erstwhile Group 'D' (MTS) posts for the year 2016-reg ddnational Download (1.06 MB) pdf 04/06/2019
46 Clarification on technical specifications raised during Open House Meeting on DD-Arunprabha ddnational Download (429.22 KB) pdf 04/06/2019
47 O/order No. 76/2019/S.III, regular promotion to the grade of JTS ddnational Download (437.85 KB) pdf 04/06/2019
48 EAT module of PFMS by 2nd level Units/Kendras of DG:DD Settlement of discrepancies thereof-reg ddnational Download (342.5 KB) pdf 04/06/2019
49 Allocation of budget to 30 Kendras/Field Units in the sub-head "OE(Payment to Casuals/Contractual)' under Revenue Non-Plan/IEBR during 2019-20-reg ddnational Download (99.01 KB) pdf 03/06/2019
50 Online Filling of APAR for IB(E)S officer using SPARROW from 2018-19 ddnational Download (1016.34 KB) pdf 30/05/2019
51 Furnishing of Legacy data pertaining to New Pension Scheme reg. ddnational Download (3.89 MB) pdf 29/05/2019
52 Extension of Contractual Engagees doordarshan Download (2.76 MB) pdf 29/05/2019
53 Posting of recently promoted ADP JTS of IB(PS). doordarshan Download (726.14 KB) pdf 28/05/2019
54 Allocation of additional budget to Kendras/field units in the head "Salary' and "OAE" under Revenue Non-Plan/IEBR during 2019-20-reg. doordarshan Download (197.58 KB) pdf 24/05/2019
55 Implementation of Centralized Fund cum Distribution Limits (CFDL) facility offered by State Bank of India in Prasar Bharati ddnational Download (185.12 KB) pdf 22/05/2019
56 Clarification regarding Applicability of 10% NPS Employment Contribution for Prasar Bharati employees ddnational Download (366.07 KB) pdf 22/05/2019
57 Observance of Anti- Terrorism Day ddnational Download (2.08 MB) pdf 20/05/2019
58 Projection of Court Order Arrears in HRIS ddnational Download (97.43 KB) pdf 17/05/2019
59 Abhishek Tiwari , Transfer DDK Mumbai to DDK Allahabad ddnational Download (174.43 KB) pdf 16/05/2019
60 Office Order in r/o Sh. Ramesh Singh Chouhan, DDA, DG:DD doordarshan Download (501.8 KB) pdf 15/05/2019