Doordarshan has established itself as a part and parcel of the lives of Indians since its inception in 1959. With its immense reach among the audiences, both rural and urban, it has dedicated itself to the production of programmes of various genres which are widely appreciated by different stratas of society. A treasure of programmes in Hindi and regional languages are stored in the Doordarshan Kendr​as spread across the country.
It is with this thought that the Directorate General Doordarshan has setup a National Resource Exchange Pool (NREP) which aims at establishing a common storehouse of important programmes created within the network which have common value for Kendras in different linguistic regions and will meet the software requirements of the Regional channels.
This effort is a step towards bringing best of programmes from one part of the country to the other after dubbing them in local languages to make people aware of the diverse literary and cultural heritage of the country.Kendras will find below the list of SFC Programmes, Commissioned Programmes, Programmes which have dubbing value from Kendras and list of unmixed masters available with DDK-Delhi, for their perusal.

Contact for NREP
Tele: - 011-23071189​​​