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Sr. No. Downloads/Details Publish Date
1 Delegation of Financial Powers to Heads of DDKs/ HPTs/ DMCs and other filed offices across DD Network regarding GPF advances/ withdrawals डाउनलोड (970.85 KB) pdf 20/09/2019
2 Pension adalat held on 23.08.2019 by Dept. of Pension & Pensioner's welfare regarding pension cases डाउनलोड (991.51 KB) pdf 20/09/2019
4 Minutes of Meeting hold on 4.9.2019 regarding reconciliation of data for filing of Annual Return of 2017-2018 & 2018-19 and availing maximum ITC within stipulated time to avoid any penalty डाउनलोड (1.98 MB) pdf 17/09/2019
5 Delegation of Financial Powers to Heads of DDKs/HPTs/DMCs and other field offices acros DD Network regarding GPF advance/Withdrawls डाउनलोड (106.88 KB) pdf 17/09/2019
6 Inviting applications from interested officials for posting to vigilance Wing of Prasar Bharati at Corporate Office in Delhi डाउनलोड (1.17 MB) pdf
16/09/2019 to 25/09/2019
7 Meeting regarding reconciliation of Data for filling of Annual Return of 2018-19 and availing maximum ITC डाउनलोड (833.93 KB) pdf 29/08/2019
8 Issue of parking Strickers lables for parking of vehicle at DD Bhawan डाउनलोड (3.05 MB) pdf 23/08/2019
9 Independance Day Flag Hoisting Ceremony 2019 डाउनलोड (83.59 KB) pdf 14/08/2019
10 Strict compliance regarding issue of GST compliant invioces in relation to Liquidated Damage goods/ assets sold under buy back arrangement,sale of tender document, processing fee etc and issue of credit note for incentives given to agents/agencies/clients डाउनलोड (1.49 MB) pdf 14/08/2019
11 73rd Independence Day 2019 Celebrations – Live coverage matter thereof. डाउनलोड (109.29 KB) pdf 07/08/2019
12 Inviting Nominations for Workshop on - "Development Communication" डाउनलोड (326.23 KB) pdf 05/08/2019
13 दूरदर्शन महानिदेशालय की राजभाषा कार्यान्वयन समिति की दिनांक 15.07.2019 को हुई बैठक का कार्यवृत्त डाउनलोड (3.26 MB) pdf 01/08/2019
14 शुद्धि पत्र-दूरदर्शन महानिदेशालय की राजभाषा कार्यान्वयन समिति की दिनांक 31.07.2019 को हुई बैठक का कार्यवृत्त डाउनलोड (292.21 KB) pdf 01/08/2019
15 पुस्तकालय के लिए प्रकाशन विभाग द्वारा प्रकाशित पुस्तकों की खरीद डाउनलोड (327.55 KB) pdf 25/07/2019
16 दूरदर्शन महानिदेशालय की राजभाषा कार्यान्‍वयन समिति की बैठक - कार्यसूची की मदों पर संक्षिप्‍त टिप्‍पणियां डाउनलोड (3.03 MB) pdf 22/07/2019
17 ADMN-INTERNAL ORDER-STAFF QUARTERS डाउनलोड (852.79 KB) pdf 17/07/2019
18 ADMN-QUARTER SHIFTING-SARVESH ARORA,EA डाउनलोड (798.78 KB) pdf 17/07/2019
19 Conducting of Fire Mock Drll at DD Bhawan, New Delhi डाउनलोड (1.26 MB) pdf 17/07/2019
20 ENGG-DEATH- LATE MR.ALOKE KUMAR DASGUPTA, SR.TECH डाउनलोड (860.41 KB) pdf 17/07/2019