S.N. Title Channel डाउनलोड Publish Date
1 Observance of Anti- Terrorism Day डीडीनेशनल डाउनलोड (2.08 MB) pdf 20/05/2019
2 Projection of Court Order Arrears in HRIS डीडीनेशनल डाउनलोड (97.43 KB) pdf 17/05/2019
3 Abhishek Tiwari , Transfer DDK Mumbai to DDK Allahabad डीडीनेशनल डाउनलोड (174.43 KB) pdf 16/05/2019
4 Following of strict compliance regarding Non-payment of GST on sale of tender documents, processing fees & annual renewal fees etc डीडीनेशनल डाउनलोड (527.17 KB) pdf 14/05/2019
5 Seeking input for finalization of R&P Accounts upto March , 2019 by Prasar Bharati डीडीनेशनल डाउनलोड (404.96 KB) pdf 08/05/2019
6 Strict compliance regarding applicability of GST on Statutory payment like EPF,ESIC,BONUS,Bill payment towards manpower agency डीडीनेशनल डाउनलोड (100.82 KB) pdf 06/05/2019
7 Constitute an Apex Review Committee to the Loksabha elections 2019 डीडीनेशनल डाउनलोड (147.21 KB) pdf 06/05/2019
8 order No. 2/2019/SIII.... Shrikant Saxena डीडीनेशनल डाउनलोड (118.51 KB) pdf 03/05/2019
9 Implimentation of GPF Module of PFMS through EIS system for Salary processing units/Kendras of Prasar Bharati on EAT module of PFMS डीडीनेशनल डाउनलोड (2.24 MB) pdf 03/05/2019
10 Budget Estimates 2019-20 in respect of Grant-in-aid to PB for Kisan Channel (Content)' under Revenue Plan-Distribution thereof-reg डीडीनेशनल डाउनलोड (395.81 KB) pdf 03/05/2019
11 Rotational Transfer of officials working in sensitive posts डीडीनेशनल डाउनलोड (405.44 KB) pdf 03/05/2019
12 Deployment of Film/Video Editors on Tour to Mumbai डीडीनेशनल डाउनलोड (96.79 KB) pdf 01/05/2019
13 OO No. 71/2019/SIII Retirement order in r/o Sh. Ramesh Sharma, ADP w.e.f. 30.04.2019 डीडीनेशनल डाउनलोड (115.41 KB) pdf 30/04/2019
14 RFID IDENTITY CARD APPLICATION FORM डीडीनेशनल डाउनलोड (1.37 MB) pdf 26/04/2019
15 OO No. 59/2019/SIII Nodal Officer for uploading the content for Doordarshan Channels/ Programme & Nodal Officer for Central Social Media, DG:DD डीडीनेशनल डाउनलोड (4.19 MB) pdf 25/04/2019
16 OO No. 56/2019/SIII Declaration as HOO in r/o Sh. Nibir Krishna Paul, Assistant Engineer, DDK, Shantiniketan डीडीनेशनल डाउनलोड (742.74 KB) pdf 25/04/2019
17 OO No. 57/2019/SIII Declaration as HOP in r/o Sh. Shakti Pada Paul, PEX (In-situ), DDK, Gangtok डीडीनेशनल डाउनलोड (623.17 KB) pdf 25/04/2019
18 OO No. 58/2019/SIII Declaration as HOP in r/o Sh. A.O. Theba, PEX (In-situ), DDK, Rajkot डीडीनेशनल डाउनलोड (705.78 KB) pdf 25/04/2019
19 Office Order regarding Transfer/Posting under the Annual Transfer Plan 2019-20. Officers are required to submit their option in attached proforma दूरदर्शन डाउनलोड (1.15 MB) pdf 24/04/2019
20 Implementation of Centralized Fund cum Distribution Limits (CFDL) facility offered by State Bank of India in Prasar Bharati-reg. दूरदर्शन डाउनलोड (253.77 KB) pdf 22/04/2019