S.N. Title Channel डाउनलोड Publish Date
1 Seeking Action Plan for Swachhta Pakhwada activities and Publicity/ Coverage to be undertaken during 2020- reg. दूरदर्शन डाउनलोड (959.08 KB) pdf 10/07/2020
2 पारंगत पाठ्यक्रम (नवंबर, 2019 सत्र) के परिणाम के संबंध में दूरदर्शन डाउनलोड (67.21 KB) pdf 10/07/2020
3 Allocation of budget under Grant-in-Aid General to Content, Ops & Film Section, DG:DD -reg. दूरदर्शन डाउनलोड (532.57 KB) pdf 09/07/2020
4 Demand of Salary funds by the DDOs/Recommendation of Salary Demand of DDOs by Directorates and Vertical HQs of their DDOs -reg. दूरदर्शन डाउनलोड (379.03 KB) pdf 09/07/2020
5 Inviting Nominations for WEBINAR on- Development Communication दूरदर्शन डाउनलोड (434.06 KB) pdf 07/07/2020
6 राजभाषा हिंदी के प्रगामी प्रयोग से संबंधित जून, 2020 को समाप्त तिमाही की रिपोर्ट भिजवाने के संबंध में। दूरदर्शन डाउनलोड (1.84 MB) pdf 07/07/2020
7 Empanelment of Hospitals/diagnostic centres for Doordarshan offices across India under PBHS दूरदर्शन डाउनलोड (1.7 MB) pdf 06/07/2020
8 Recommendation of salary demand of DDOs by Directorate & Verticals HQ of their DDO दूरदर्शन डाउनलोड (2.57 MB) pdf 03/07/2020
9 Promotion to the Junior Time Scale of Programme Management Cadre and Programme Production Cadre (AIR/Doordarshan) of Indian Broadcasting (Programme) Service [Group "A",Level 10, erstwhile PB-3 ]-Joining report regarding. दूरदर्शन डाउनलोड (2.21 MB) pdf 01/07/2020
10 Cash Management System in Central Government- Guidelines for Expenditure control in Q2 (July, 2020 to September, 2020)– reg. दूरदर्शन डाउनलोड (1.41 MB) pdf 26/06/2020
11 Rollout & implementation of TSA system in Prasar Bharati which will be operationalised w.e.f. 1st August , 2020– reg. दूरदर्शन डाउनलोड (3.06 MB) pdf 26/06/2020
12 Bio Data in respect of Programme officers दूरदर्शन डाउनलोड (1.29 MB) pdf 26/06/2020
13 Office Order No. 21/2020/S.III regarding declaration of HOO of DDK Allahabad दूरदर्शन डाउनलोड (405.11 KB) pdf 26/06/2020
14 Allocation of SBG under the sub head GST to all SNOs of Doordarshan in CAS -reg. दूरदर्शन डाउनलोड (1.63 MB) pdf 24/06/2020
15 Budget Estimates 2020-21 and Release of cash for the month of July, 2020 under the head OAE and Software Programme Expenses ( IEBR) to 31 RNUs - reg. दूरदर्शन डाउनलोड (522.28 KB) pdf 23/06/2020
16 Extension of tenure of Associate/ Consultant for a period upto 30.06.2020 working in DG: Doordarshan and its field units - regarding दूरदर्शन डाउनलोड (420.49 KB) pdf 18/06/2020
17 Information regarding SBG allocation in CAS and Roll Out of e-Accounts module of CAS दूरदर्शन डाउनलोड (284.73 KB) pdf 16/06/2020
18 Recommendation of Salary demand of DDOs starting for the month of June, 2020 दूरदर्शन डाउनलोड (2.76 MB) pdf 10/06/2020
19 SBG 2020-21 under Salaries (GIA) and sub-heads of IEBR allocation to DD Field Units दूरदर्शन डाउनलोड (1.99 MB) pdf 09/06/2020
20 Roll out of e-Accounts module of CAS-reg. दूरदर्शन डाउनलोड (475.24 KB) pdf 08/06/2020