Sr.No. Title Download/Details Publish Date
1 Applicability of GST on the services provided by artist/ Panellists to Prasar Bharati डाउनलोड (9.12 MB) pdf 10/02/2020
2 Implementation of GSP-cum-ASP and CAS Application (BOLTON) डाउनलोड (4.85 MB) pdf 24/01/2020
3 Implementation of GSP-cum-ASP Application (BOLTON) for GST Compliances डाउनलोड (4.49 MB) pdf 24/01/2020
4 Non reporting of Invoices in GSTR-1 and non payment of GST by Suppliers डाउनलोड (5.5 MB) pdf 17/01/2020
5 Non reporting of invoices in GSTR-1 and non payment of GST by Suppliers डाउनलोड (4.07 MB) pdf 14/01/2020
6 Restriction availing of ITC & conditions of use of amount in Electronic Credit Ledger in terms of sub-rule of 3(1)(b) of Rule 86A of CGST Rule.2017- issued by CBIC Circular No.75/2019 dt.26/12/2019 डाउनलोड (591.95 KB) pdf 06/01/2020
7 Discharge of GST liability (2017-2018) by 31.12.2019 and compliance by 6th January 2020 डाउनलोड (11.73 MB) pdf 26/12/2019
8 Discharge of GST liability for 2017-18 based on GST reconciliation report submitted by deloitte डाउनलोड (8.36 MB) pdf 24/12/2019
9 No Deduction of GST TDS is required to be made under GST डाउनलोड (8.5 MB) pdf 20/11/2019
10 Strict compliance regarding Amendment made in GST provision after 35th meeting of GST Council डाउनलोड (1.19 MB) pdf 26/07/2019
11 Strict compliance regarding timely submission of GST invoices/information for ITC डाउनलोड (10.81 MB) pdf 31/05/2019
12 GST Circular No. 8 डाउनलोड (3.5 MB) pdf 14/05/2019
13 GST Circular No. 11 Corrigendum डाउनलोड (122.49 KB) pdf 14/05/2019
14 Minutes of meeting held on 28.03.2019 to discuss GST related issues डाउनलोड (433.58 KB) pdf 05/04/2019
15 Availing of ITC of 2017-18 and other Important Amendments made in GST provisions in 31st Meeting of GST Council-reg. डाउनलोड (489.4 KB) pdf 20/03/2019
16 Amendment made in GST provision after 31st meeting of GST council and provision for availment/ claim of ITC for the year 2017-18 and 2018-19 डाउनलोड (1.03 MB) pdf 11/02/2019