डी डी राजस्थान के बारे में

The first television programme was viewed by the people of Rajasthan on 1st August 1975 under the Satellite Instructional Television Experiment in the districts of Kota, Sawai Madhopur and Jaipur. Special educational programmes were then produced at Delhi.

On 1st March 1977, Upgrah Doordarshan Kendra (UDK) was set up at Delhi. The programmes produced at UDK for Jaipur were relayed. On 1st June 1987, Jaipur Doordarshan Kendra was set up at Jhalana Doongri and transmission started on 6th July 1987. Initially the Kendra produced only 30 minutes of programming and this was gradually increased to about 4 hours. From 2nd Oct. 1993, the LPT’S located at Ajmer, Udaipur, Jodhpur and Bikaner and HPT at Bundi were connected with DDK Jaipur via satellite. Doordarshan introduced commercial service at Jaipur Kendra on 11/12/93.

PRESENT STATUS: Doordarshan Jaipur is the only Programme Production Center in Rajasthan. The studios are housed at Jhalana Doongri, Jaipur and the transmitter is located at the Nahargarh Fort. As per the census figures of 2001, the channel covers 79% by population and 72% by area of Rajasthan. On 1/5/95 telecast of DD-2 programmes commenced from Jaipur using a 100W LPT. Now DD-2 converted as DD News is being telecast from a 10 KW HPT set up in 2000. The reach of the News channel is 11% by area and 32% by population. There are 74.85% TV and 35.83 % Cable homes in Urban Rajasthan and 25.69% TV, 7% Cable homes in Rural Rajasthan (NRS-2002).

Presently this Kendra originates over four hours of daily programming (25 hrs and 30 minutes weekly) in Hindi and Rajasthani. Programmes are also telecast in Sindhi, Urdu, English and Sanskrit. This Kendra originates two news bulletins daily one in Hindi and one in Rajasthani and feeds important stories for the national bulletins including regular contribution in Rajyon Se Samachar at 1740 hrs daily on DD News. Major sports events are covered for national telecast in live /recorded mode. Programme contributions are also sent for national telecast. Programme sourcing is in-house and sponsored.
Marketing of Air-Time:
Air-Time marketed in various time zones
Commercial tariffs fixed on the basis of viewing density.
Air-Time sold for product/services (Advertisements permitted are subject to the code for Advertising).
Air-Time sold to private producers for sponsored programmes – concept of FCT
In-house productions of Doordarshan also marketed.
Marketing to major clients directly done by Doordarshan.