S. N. Title Downloads/Details Publish Date
1 Filling of GSTR-1 (outward supplies) timely to avoid mismatching of invoices & loss to Prasar Bharati in terms of ITC in accordance with CBIC Notification No. 49/2019 Dated. 09/10/2019 डाउनलोड (9.14 MB) pdf 16/10/2019
2 Tender document for operating canteen & Kiosk in DD Bhawan premises डाउनलोड (3.04 MB) pdf 16/10/2019
3 Allocation of budget to 26 Kendras/field units in the sub-head OE(Payment to casuals/contractual) under Revenue Non-Plan/IEBR during 2019-20 डाउनलोड (100.99 KB) pdf 15/10/2019
4 Transfer of Shri V. Sundaram, Graphic Supervisor from DD News New Delhi to DDK Chennai डाउनलोड (420.43 KB) pdf 14/10/2019
5 O/O No. 126/S.III dated on 04.10.19 In Respect of Sh. Ashok Kumar Rai ,PEx (IN Situ) डाउनलोड (467.57 KB) pdf 04/10/2019
6 Grant of financial upgradation under MACP Scheme to Film/ Video Editor, (Office order 24/2019) डाउनलोड (237.38 KB) pdf 04/10/2019
7 O/o No.124/SIII/2019 Dated -03.10.19 Transfer order of h. AJ Mahanta,ADP & Sh. Neeraj Bhanot ,PEX डाउनलोड (525.2 KB) pdf 03/10/2019
8 Furnishing of Monthly Summary of Outstanding Audit Paras डाउनलोड (2.58 MB) pdf 01/10/2019
9 Allocation of Budget of Rs.9.88,00,000/- to 19 Regional Kendras for executing Krishi Darshan Programmes Production under the scheme of "Mass Media Support of Agriculture Extension'' for Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare for F.Y. 2019-20 डाउनलोड (130.1 KB) pdf 30/09/2019
10 हिंदी राजभाषा हिंदी प्रयोग संवर्धन, जागरूकता एवं प्रोत्साहन माह, 2019 के दौरान आयोजित विभिन्न प्रतियोगिताओं के परिणाम डाउनलोड (2.27 MB) pdf 30/09/2019
11 Implementation of GSP Cum ASP Application (BOLTON) for GST Compliances डाउनलोड (3.21 MB) pdf 30/09/2019
12 Furnishing of AIPR as on 01.01.2019 and option in the order of preference for working in programme Management Cadre or Programme Production Cadre of either of the two media and डाउनलोड (1.58 MB) pdf 27/09/2019
13 Compassionate Appointments in Group 'C' posts of LDC and erstwhile Group 'D' posts (Non-Technical) for the years 2017 and 2018 डाउनलोड (233.29 KB) pdf 26/09/2019
14 Following of Strict compliance regarding Claiming of ITC against the invoices pertaining to FY2018-2019 डाउनलोड (375.27 KB) pdf 26/09/2019
15 Corrigendum for Tour Order of cameraperson डाउनलोड (770.95 KB) pdf 25/09/2019
16 The submission of Final tape of Commissioning Programme of DD-Arunprabha डाउनलोड (262.71 KB) pdf 25/09/2019
17 Allocation of additional budget to 9 Kendras/field units int he sub-head "Medical Expenses (Govt. Emp.)" under Revenue Non-Plan during 2019-20 डाउनलोड (78.74 KB) pdf 24/09/2019
18 Office order no. 09/01/2017-S.I.(A) डाउनलोड (435.41 KB) pdf 23/09/2019
19 Corrigendum of Delegation of Financial Powers to Heads of DDKs/ HPTs/ DMCs and other filed offices across DD Network regarding GPF advances/ withdrawals डाउनलोड (970.85 KB) pdf 23/09/2019
20 Acknowledgement of the NPS legacy amount uploaded to M/s NSDL डाउनलोड (434.33 KB) pdf 23/09/2019