DD Circulars

S. N. Title Channel Downloads/Details Publish Date
1 List of Surplus/unserviceable/obsolete/defective items belonging to DDK Kolkata डीडी बांग्ला डाउनलोड (1.33 MB) pdf 10/07/2019
2 Independence Day Flag Hosting Ceremony at Red Fort on 15th August, 2019- Issue of Invitation Card- reg. दूरदर्शन डाउनलोड (5.81 MB) pdf 09/07/2019
3 Method for approval of Leave and Domestic Tour Programmes of Officers/ Officials of Prasar Bharati-reg दूरदर्शन डाउनलोड (2.01 MB) pdf 03/07/2019
4 Tour approval in respect of officials of DD Kendras डीडीनेशनल डाउनलोड (196.88 KB) pdf 01/07/2019
5 Procurement under Rule of GFR-2017 डीडीनेशनल डाउनलोड (2.11 MB) pdf 12/06/2019
6 Payment to be made out on the basis of signed agreement डीडीनेशनल डाउनलोड (1.38 MB) pdf 12/06/2019
7 "PB Employees EL & HPL details" window in HRIS डीडीनेशनल डाउनलोड (166.97 KB) pdf 12/06/2019
8 Non-payment of GST on sale of Tender documents, processing fees and annual renewal fees etc डीडीनेशनल डाउनलोड (2.42 MB) pdf 14/05/2019
9 Procurement of Goods/Services & carrying out works and Mandatory rules for Compliance as per GFR-2017 डीडीनेशनल डाउनलोड (661.84 KB) pdf 13/05/2019
10 Furnishing of Legacy data pertaining to New Pension Scheme डीडीनेशनल डाउनलोड (2.62 MB) pdf 25/04/2019
11 DO letter of Addl. Secy. Cabinet Secretariate Rashtrapati Bhawan New Delhi डीडीनेशनल डाउनलोड (1.37 MB) pdf 24/04/2019
12 Compliance report in respect of outstanding audit paras pertaining to MIB डीडीनेशनल डाउनलोड (1.72 MB) pdf 24/04/2019
13 Sub-category of PWD's employees in HRIS डीडीनेशनल डाउनलोड (304.04 KB) pdf 09/04/2019
14 Annual Training Calendar of NABM Delhi & Bhubaneswar & RABM Shillong for the year 2019-20 for inviting Nominations डीडीनेशनल डाउनलोड (350.71 KB) pdf 03/04/2019
15 Time period for claim for reimbursement of newspaper purchase at residence of officers. दूरदर्शन डाउनलोड (75.49 KB) pdf 03/04/2019
16 Summer Internship Programme for the Engineering Students दूरदर्शन डाउनलोड (177.24 KB) pdf 29/03/2019
17 Three days workshop on Microsoft डीडीनेशनल डाउनलोड (1.29 MB) pdf 27/03/2019
18 Availing of ITC of 2017-18 and other Important Amendments made in GST provisions in 31st Meeting of GST Council-reg. दूरदर्शन डाउनलोड (489.4 KB) pdf 25/03/2019
20 Our Bank's IFSC details for bank Guarantee for 91 reconsideration Programmes under DD kashir दूरदर्शन डाउनलोड (46.06 KB) pdf 19/03/2019