Hyderabad Television Satellite Instruction Television SITE started in 1975. Today it is transformed into a clock infotainment channel. In 1977, the then President of India, Shri Neelam Sanjiva Reddy, started the centralized center. This channel did not come back since its inception, as it became the only source of visual communication of the region. The introduction of commercial spots in 1983 increases the look and feel of the channel. For the year 2000, the television was broadcasting for 24 hours in Hyderabad. With the emergence of a new state "Telangana", the name of Hyderabad has been renamed Deivarandan Hyderabad. September 27, 2014 Since then, the Telangana culture and heritage needs are dd.

Canada has won many prestigious awards and recognitions around the world for its contribution to society.
The United Nations Secretariat DD has identified Hyderabad for the extraordinary coverage of the International Conference on Biodiversity.
Best Television Award for 10th DD Annual Awards
? For the year 2013, the state has won 15 State Government Nandi Awards, which is highest for any organization.
The central bank has won two World Bank and Commonwealth Awards.
Japan Prize for Education Broadcasting Twice.
ABU gift.
BBC World Trust Award.
? Swiss TV Award and UNESCO Award.

DD Yadagiri promises to keep its best efforts on identifications such as encouraging gestures to reach higher heights in the future public service.

In addition to Terrestrial Transmission, DD Yadagir's programs are transmitted via satellite / cable networks and mobile applications through mobile applications.