S. N. Title Downloads/Details Publish Date
121 Allocation of additional budget to 9 Kendras/field units int he sub-head "Medical Expenses (Govt. Emp.)" under Revenue Non-Plan during 2019-20 Download (78.74 KB) pdf 24/09/2019
122 Corrigendum of Delegation of Financial Powers to Heads of DDKs/ HPTs/ DMCs and other filed offices across DD Network regarding GPF advances/ withdrawals Download (970.85 KB) pdf 23/09/2019
123 Office order no. 09/01/2017-S.I.(A) Download (435.41 KB) pdf 23/09/2019
124 Acknowledgement of the NPS legacy amount uploaded to M/s NSDL Download (434.33 KB) pdf 23/09/2019
125 दूरदर्शन महानिदेशालय की राजभाषा कार्यान्वयन समिति की दिनांक 05.09.2019 को हुई बैठक का कार्यवृत्त Download (2.2 MB) pdf 20/09/2019
126 Annual Transfer Plan in respect of Production Assistant Download (385.27 KB) pdf 19/09/2019
127 Annual Transfer Plan(19-20) in respect of Cameraman Grade-II Download (1.31 MB) pdf 18/09/2019
128 ATP (19-20) in respect of Painter and Carpenter Download (443.82 KB) pdf 18/09/2019
129 महानिदेशालय में राजभाषा हिंदी प्रयोग संवर्धन, जागरूकता एवं प्रोत्साहन माह का आयोजन Download (197.92 KB) pdf 18/09/2019
130 Order no. /116/2019/S III / 12.09.2019 in respect of Sh. Wonchan Ramsan ,PEX In Situ from DDK Aizawl to DDK Imphal Download (446.16 KB) pdf 16/09/2019
131 O/O No. 117/2019/S.III dated on 12.9.2019 Declaration of HOP of DDK Aizawal Download (487.33 KB) pdf 16/09/2019
132 Strict compliance regarding treatment of Free Commercial Time allowed as Bonus to Govt. Dept/Clients under the GST regime Download (2.97 MB) pdf 16/09/2019
133 Promotion of Film/Video Editor as Edit Supervisor regarding Download (578.41 KB) pdf 16/09/2019
134 Promotion of Floor Assistants/ Floor Managers(In-situ) as regular Floor Manager Download (878.2 KB) pdf 16/09/2019
135 Claiming of ITC against the invoices pertaining to FY 2018-19 and issue of GST compliant invoices for inter unit stock transfers Download (308.12 KB) pdf 13/09/2019
136 Annual transfer/ posting in r/o Edit Supervisor, Graphic Supervisor, F/V Editor and Graphic Artists Download (1.71 MB) pdf 13/09/2019
137 Request for Declaration of DDO Download (88.81 KB) pdf 12/09/2019
138 Biometric attendance in respect of Contractual engagees Download (118.06 KB) pdf 12/09/2019
139 Delegation of Financial Powers to Heads of DDKs /HPTs /DMCs and other field offices across DD Network regarding GPF advances / withdrawals Download (197.67 KB) pdf 11/09/2019
140 Correction of Schedule C of the agreement of DD-Arunprabha Download (1.05 MB) pdf 11/09/2019