S. N. Title Downloads/Details Publish Date
81 ORDER No. 13/2019/SI(A) Download (415.19 KB) pdf 20/11/2019
82 Declaration of CPIO MPD Section Download (39.86 KB) pdf 19/11/2019
83 Compassionate Appointments in Group 'C' posts of LDC and erstwhile Group 'D' posts (Non-Technical) for the years 2017 and 2018 Download (813.12 KB) pdf 18/11/2019
84 Clarification regarding restriction in availment of ITC in terms of sub- rule (4) of rule 36 of CGST Rule. 2017- issue by CBIC Circular No. 123/42/2019-GST Dated. 11.11.2019 Download (4.29 MB) pdf 13/11/2019
85 O/order No. 146/2019/S.III dated 13.11.2019 regarding declaration of HOP of DDK Allahabad to Sh. Harshit Kumar, PEX Download (462 KB) pdf 13/11/2019
86 O/o.147/2019/S.III dated 13.11.2019 regarding declaration of HOP of DDK Gwalior to Ms. Indresh Vinkar, Production Assistant Download (463.9 KB) pdf 13/11/2019
87 Expenditure management -Rationalization of expenditure Download (241.16 KB) pdf 11/11/2019
88 Inviting Nominations for the ‘ Workshop on Graphics & Animation in TV Programming Download (203.29 KB) pdf 07/11/2019
89 Furnishing of update ACR / APAR Dossier in Connection with Regular promotion from PEX to JTS vacancy of Calender year 2019 Download (652.85 KB) pdf 07/11/2019
90 Corrigendum, Transfer of Modh.Ishaq Khan, DDK Jalandhar to DDK Delhi Download (64.79 KB) pdf 07/11/2019
91 Transfer posting Floor Assistant Download (96.79 KB) pdf 07/11/2019
92 नवंबर, 2019 में आयोजित होने वाली हिंदी, प्रबोध, प्रवीण, प्राज्ञ एवं पारंगत परीक्षा आदि की समय-सारण तथा प्रवेश-पत्रों का प्रेषण Download (2.21 MB) pdf 06/11/2019
93 Allocation of additional budget to 100 Kendras/field units in the sub-head "Salary' & 'OAE' under Revenue Non-Plan during 2019-20 Download (932.64 KB) pdf 05/11/2019
94 Nomination of CPIO in DO Kashir Channel, DG:DD Download (24.8 KB) pdf 01/11/2019
95 O/O No.140/S.III/ 2019 Dated On 31.10.2019 Transfer Order of Ms. Nirmala Yaligar ADP From DDK Bangalore to AIR Bangalore Download (551.61 KB) pdf 01/11/2019
96 Office Order No. 141 /2019/S.III Dated on 31.10.2019 Declaration of HOP ,DDk Chennai in respect of Sh. J Sunder ,Pex Download (500.57 KB) pdf 01/11/2019
97 Recovery of outstanding amount towards irregular payment of scheduled/tribal area allowance Download (2.93 MB) pdf 01/11/2019
98 CORRIGENDUM Download (695.62 KB) pdf 01/11/2019
99 O/O No. 137/2019/S.III Dt. 30.10.19 Taken On Strength of DG DD in R/o Col. Brijesh Singh ,ADg (Fin) Prasar Bharti Sectt Download (584.96 KB) pdf 31/10/2019
100 दूरदर्शन महानिदेशालय के अधीनस्थ कार्यालयों/केंद्रों द्वारा हिंदी तिमाही प्रगति रिपोर्ट निर्धारित प्रोफॉर्मा में भेजना/Submission of Hindi quarterly progress report by subordinate Offices/Kendras of DG:DD in a set proforma Download (1.45 MB) pdf 30/10/2019