Ek Tha Rusty

Ek Tha Rusty, it was about a ten-year-old boy Rusty, his life at a boarding school and his friends, family in Dehradun. when India was under British rule.

the time when Rusty is about 30 years of age and a struggling writer. when Rusty has returned from England, to live in Mulberry Cottage, Mussoorie. Singh adapted Bond’s stories Sensualist, Time Stops at Shamli and Shooting at Mango Top. The show was in Mussoorie, with Bhanu Uday playing Rusty.[4] Bond’s granddaughter (from his adopted family in Mussoorie) Shristi,

Vipul Gupta playing a 35 year old Rusty. It included ten of Bond's stories - Love is a sad song, Sensualist, Dead Man's Gift, Last Time I saw Delhi, Hanging at Mango, Who Killed the Rani?, Dead Man'’s Gift, Binya Passes By, Last Time I Saw Delhi, From Small Beginnings and At Green’s Hotel,along with his novel Maharani.