'Chicken Mango Kabab' and 'Malaysian Fish Curry'

While staying in Hotel Samrat some time back, I could not get my eye off from the innovative spread on the table for breakfast dished out by the hotel staff.

On one of the breakfast tours, I happened to meet two main chefs of the restaurant and asked them if they could flesh out something for the following day which categorized more as a brunch. The two promised to cull out some unique and special dishes from their kitchen.
The next day I got up late at around 10 am and after a cup of coffee went straight downstairs to the Hunt Room for my much awaited brunch. Chef Mukesh and Chef Rubal were there waiting for me. It was almost 11am and I could feel myself starving.

There was a cold cucumber soup which excited me. The garlic roasted quinoa that topped the soup was what gave a special flavour. Initially I found a lot of resemblance of the soup to the cold cucumber raita, a common Indian add on food item. But after having delved deeper, I realized the difference. Unlike the ubiquitous raita, the soup had only a tinge of curd and the quinoa that floated atop blended well with the soothing taste of the cucumber.

From Italy to Malaysia

Although I am not a diehard fan of Risotto, I could not resist from laying my hands on the Wild Mushroom Risotto that lay on an adjacent table. The Risotto made from Arborio rice was sticky and I could inhale the white wine that was put lavishly into it while being cooked. The chopped and sautéed garlic and onions, the mushroom stock coupled with the Parmesan cheese gave the Risotto a special creamy taste.
The Malaysian Fish curry that the Chefs had made on special demand was a rich, moderately spiced coconut based curry with pieces of brinjal and okhra (ladyfinger) floating on it. The Sole fish had been grilled well with salt and black pepper. The curry gelled well with the rice but I personally would have liked it spicier.
I wrapped up the brunch with a piece of shahi tukra. The rose petals used for garnishing gave it an extra vibrant look.
Post brunch there was no other option for me but to head to my room for my siesta.

Vital Stats:

Hotel Samrat
Plot No. 50B, Kautilya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi
Phone: 011 2611 0606

(The Hotel specializes in banquet parties and large scale packed food services)

Mango ‘n’ Chicken
The Chicken Mango Kabab, a special dish of Hotel Samrat is a succulent blend of chicken and mango.
Add chopped ginger and bread crumbs to the minced chicken and set it aside for one hour. Add the grated mango into it. Mangoes that have small moisture content should be used. Spread it on your hand in the shape of mango and shallow fry. Use mint leaves to give it the shape of a natural mango with leaves.

Try it at Home
Wild Mushroom Risotto
• Olive oil
• 30g onion, finely chopped
• 1to 2 garlic cloves, finely chopped
• 10g porcini mushroom
• 50g Arborio rice
• 30ml fresh cream
• Salt to taste
• Freshly grounded black pepper
• Chopped fresh parsley
• Grated parmesan cheese

Malaysian fish curry - Ingredients:

For curry paste:
• 1tsp coriander seeds
• 1sp cumin seeds
• 1tsp fennel seeds
• 1tsp black pepper
• 10dry red chilies
• ½ cup grated coconut
• Chopped garlic
• Chopped ginger
• ½tsp turmeric powder
• 2 stalks lemon grass
• 1tsp curry powder

Main ingredients:
• 200g fish fillet
• 1tsp curry powder
• 10 curry leaves
• ½ piece long egg plant
• 2 pieces okra/ladyfinger, sliced thinly
• 30ml coconut milk
• 1 red chilli sliced
• 1tsp tomato puree
• 1tsp chili paste
• Chopped coriander
• 2tsp tamarind water
• ½ cup refined flour, for dusting
• Salt to taste

The DD Program
The Samrat Hotel has been featured in the Doordarshan Program 'Wah Kya Taste Hai'. The programme started in September 2017 and since then 71 episodes have been telecasted till date. The main concept of this show is to encourage home chefs to adopt new methods, experiment with recipes and hone basic skills by watching five-star cooking style.
The fresh episode is telecast on Thursday and Friday at 2 PM and repeat episode telecast every Monday to Friday at 5:30 PM and 11 PM respectively on DD.

Gastronomic Tales

- Ms Vanita Srivastava



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