AADHA FULL is a youth drama serial in the Hindi language that airs on the channel, Doordarshan which is a public service broadcaster. Broadcasting Ministry of India owns Doordarshan and it is one of the divisions of Prasar Bharati. Aadha Full was launched in the year 2016.

The show is based on social issues faced by the youth of today’s generation. The story is about three teenagers, Adrak, Tara and Kitty who are best of friends and live in a small town called Badlapur. Due to their knack for mystery solving and detective indulgences, the three friends decide to form a gang of their own called Aadha Full. This gang solves mystery and crime cases that occur in their town with a wish to make their small town a lovely place to live in.

As they grow up and solve cases, they are faced with superstitions and social menaces like child marriage, gender stereotyping, peer pressure, access to continuous education, substance abuse, etc. Their life intertwines with these social norms and how they want to change the situations and the mentality of the society so that the youth gets a chance to create their own identity psychology of any such bias. The twists and turns in the show are in sync with the changing face of the society. As they solve these mysteries, they are often stuck at crossroads or dead-end, and when they have no idea of as to what to do, they seek help from Roshni ma’am, a teacher at their school, who is very supportive of their endeavor and guides them.

Kamlesh is the mother of one of the three kids who is a very witty and funny character. She mainly is a housewife who wants to see her family happy. The lead characters in the show are played by some very talented young kids. Harsh Mayar, who has already won a national award at the tender age of 12 for his brilliant portrayal of a young Abdul Kalam in the show “I Am Kalam," plays the character of Adrak in the show. Ahsaas Channa, who has already made a lot of appearances in super hit movies as a child actor, plays the character of Kitty Yadav in the show. Malayalam actress Mallika Ghai plays the character of Kamlesh . Roshni Soni, who is already a popular name in the television industry, plays the role of Roshni ma’am in the show.