The studio of Doordarshan Kendra Bhopal was commissioned on 20th October 1992. It started as a Regional Kendra and has ever since played a major role as a Public Service Broadcaster for viewers of the state. It has enormously enriched the ethos of this land while projecting and promoting the cultural heritage of the State. With the passage of time, programme activities of the Kendra have witnessed manifold changes through which basic objectives of Doordarshan viz. INFORMATION, EDUCATION, AND ENTERTAINMENT have been provided to the masses. Various programme formats like live phone in programme, serials, cookery show, variety show, concerts poetic symposiums, multi segmented magazine programmes and programmes for specific target audience like children, youth, women and physically challenged people have been adopted.

The Kendra has produced special programme on specific themes like socio cultural heritage, environmental awareness, family welfare, health care, population control, legal awareness, promotion of tourism, promotion of sports, public grievances and promotion of national integration and communal harmony.

In order to come up to the ever increasing expectations of the public, many reforms have been adopted in the overall programme pattern through which aspirations of different sections of the society have been taken care of. The quantum of in-house production has been increased which has raised opportunities for different scholars, artists and other talented persons to get associated with programmes of their choice through which their talent is ventilated. Introduction of interactive formats with suitable treatment has added color to our transmission. Quick response and spontaneous feed back from the public through live phone in programmes has enhanced access of the viewers which has gone a long way in establishing credibility of the Kendra. Efforts are continuously made to cast our net as far and wide as possible within the constraints to net in fresh talent. Instead of restricting our programme activity to the four walls of studio, the Kendra has tried to take the TV closer to the door steps of viewers. Various ENG and OB teams have recorded programmes on natural locations in different formats.

Although the main language of transmission is Hindi, yet programmes in other dialects which are spoken in the different parts of MP viz. Bagheli, Bundeli, Nimari & Malvi are also included in our telecasts.