A. Brief History of the Kendra.
Doordarshan Kendra, Srinagar has the distinction of being the third Kendra after Delhi and Mumbai. It was commissioned on 26th of January, 1973. The foundation stone of the complex was laid by Shri I.K. Gujral, the then Minister for Information and Broadcasting on 9th of May, 1970. It started as a regional station and has ever since played a major role in the development of the society while projecting the cultural heritage of the state, it has enriched the ethos of this picturesque land. Initially a 10 KW transmitter was commissioned and the Programmes were produced in Black and White. Later on tow studios were commissioned for the recording of programmes of different formats. Since then the Kendra has made tremendous strides not only by increasing telecast time but also by putting out programmes as per the tastes and aspirations of different sections of society.

Way back in 1973 a few interview based programmes, documentaries, songs and drama used to be the only software inputs that were telecast and generated for the viewers. With the passage of time programme activities of the Kendra witnessed many changes with which the sphere of Programme formats got sidened to serials, Tele-films, variety shows, concerts, poetic symposiums, quiz competitions, features, chat shows, magazine progammes and different programmes for specific target audience Doordarshan Srinagar played a key role in educating the people of this border state about the changing economic scenario of the country through its programmes. The Kendra produced programmes on the distinct socio-cultural heritage, environmental awareness, family welfare, health care, population control, eradication of social evils, legal awareness, promotion of tourism, promotion of sports, public grievances and promotion of national Integration and Communal harmony, Focus remained on projection rich cultural heritage of various ethnic groups, development of agriculture, employment, development of scientific temper and promotion of small scale/cottage industries with an overall approach of informing, educating and entertaining the people.

Since June, 2000 round the clock Regional Satellite Channel by the name of DD-Kashir is the face of DDK, Srinagar.

B. DD(Kashir)- A brief introduction:

DD-Kashir as a separate Regional Language satellite channel got established with its formal inauguration on 6-06-2000. In addition to round the clock Transmission through satellite, it has also terrestrial support between 0600 hrs to 0000 through some high power transmitter (HPTs) located in the State. It is therefore a Satellite as well as a Terrestrial channel. It forms a part of DTH platform of Doordarshan .The transmission of DD- Kashir for 5 Hours between 1500 hrs to 2000 hrs daily is also simulcast through Terrestrial Mode after de-linking from DD-National.

The channel was launched specially to bean programmes of interest to the people of J&K with a trust to reach to remotest villages and sensitive border areas of region in order to bring a sense of togetherness among people therein. As a responsible unit of Public Service Broadcaster we always try to achieve this target. Introduction of new formats with suitable treatment has added colors to the transmission of DD-Kashir. As such it has turned into a very strong and attractive source of information, education and entertainment through its programmes devised/planned as per choice/expectation of viewers and requirement of tie as a whole. Viewers of the channel get awareness about philosophy of Sufi-ism/Reshi-ism and different shades of diverse of cultural heritage of all the three regions of the state.
Channel has the distinction of producing programme in 12 different languages/dialects being spoken by people o different regions of the state. These include “Kashmiri, Urdu, English, Hindi, Dogri, Ladakhi, Punjabi, Gojri, Pahari, Balti, Sheena and Pashtoo”.