Doordarshan's Blog

Doordarshan was the first and only television broadcaster in India when it was first launched. Today, almost 59 years later, Doordarshan still holds monopoly over the airwaves as India's largest public service broadcaster. Once fully loaded, this blog will surely bring back memories from those glorious days of Doordarshan. The nostalgic Doordarshan clips and feelings from the golden era will take you into a world where there was no time for worries. All because we were still kids. The Internet is like a God given Time Machine. It's so easy to go back into the past and dig out the sweet memories which made our days glad. Amidst our differences, we Indians remained tied with ' Doordarshan ' probably because it was the only Nationwide broadcaster. Some time ago we wouldn't eat or sleep unless we watched our favorite program on Doordarshan. Cursed be those days when Doordarshan had to air some boring but national stuff by slicing into our favorite shows. We were bitter at Doordarshan for doing so, but they really had no choice.