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S. N. Title Channel Downloads/Details Publish Date
1 ADMN-Internal Duty Order Feb 2019 ddgirnar 22/02/2019
2 Monitoring of attendance in r/o Contractual Engagees- regarding doordarshan 21/02/2019
3 Parking of Vehicles in Designated Parking Area. doordarshan 20/02/2019
4 Merger of DDOs in Prasar Bharati ddnational 18/02/2019
5 PROG-Transfer-Kuldeep Choudhary,TREX ddgirnar 18/02/2019
6 Regarding expenditure statement under budget sub head arms guard/security management doordarshan 15/02/2019
7 Guidelines/Instruction for monitoring attendance under Aadhar Enable Biometric Attendance System (AEBAS) in Doordarshan installation Prasar Bharati. doordarshan 15/02/2019
8 Display of identity Cards and checking of Bag and Baggage through X-Ray Machine doordarshan 15/02/2019
9 Guidelines/Procedure for issue of Identity cards to the Employees and temporary passes to the non-officials required to work in Doordarshan installations of Prasar Bharati. doordarshan 15/02/2019
10 Non Display/showing of Identity Card & Misbehavior at the entry gate- reg. doordarshan 15/02/2019
11 Expenditure statement under budget sub head "Security Management"incurred during financial year 2018-19 by DD installations-reg. doordarshan 14/02/2019
12 Rationalization of Admn. staff due to closure of 47 DMCs ddnational
14/02/2019 to 20/02/2019
13 DDK AHMEDABAD-Superannuation- Sh.D.P.Vaishyak,PEX(In Situ) ddgirnar 07/02/2019
14 DDK-AHMEDABAD-Superannuation-Sh.A.B.Parmar,EA ddgirnar 07/02/2019
15 DDK AHMEDABAD-Relieving-Sh.B.V.Solanki,Assistant ddgirnar 07/02/2019
16 Guide Lines of Sponsored Programme Last date extend ed till 15 february 2019 dduttarpradesh
01/02/2019 to 15/02/2019
17 3 days Workshop on "Microsoft Office- Power Point" for Officers/ Officials to be conducted from 27th to 29th March, 2019 at ISTM, New Delhi- reg. ddnational 31/01/2019
18 दूरदर्शन महानिदेशालय और इसके अधीनस्थ माध्यम एककों में हिंदी पत्राचार और हिंदी टिप्पण को प्रतिशत बढाए जाने के संबंधों doordarshan 30/01/2019
19 Willingness to work in DD News/Directorate ddnational 24/01/2019
20 Security Circular ddnational 22/01/2019